Costa Rica’s Digital Nomad Visa: Pura Vida for Remote Workers with Across Borders Legal

In recent years, Costa Rica has emerged as a sought-after destination for digital nomads seeking an idyllic work-life balance amidst breathtaking natural landscapes. The country’s Digital Nomad Visa program offers a seamless transition for international residents to work remotely in the land of “pura vida,” extending a 90-day tourist visa to a full year, with the option to renew for an additional year. Here’s a closer look at the program and the myriad benefits it offers to remote workers, with the added advantage of Across Borders Legal to guide you through the process.


Extended Stay and Renewal Options:
One of the standout features of Costa Rica’s Digital Nomad Visa is the opportunity for an extended stay. Nomads can initially enjoy a 90-day visit but have the option to renew for up to a year. This flexibility allows for deep immersion into the country’s culture, natural wonders, and vibrant communities.


Tax Exemption:
Digital nomads in Costa Rica are granted a unique tax advantage. They are not considered regular residents for tax purposes, which means they are exempt from formal and material duties to the General Directorate of Taxation of the Costa Rican Ministry of Finance. This exemption is a significant financial perk for those working remotely from this tropical paradise.


Driver’s License Validity:
To further simplify life in Costa Rica, digital nomads can use their home country’s driver’s license for the entire duration of their stay. This convenience eases transportation and ensures smooth exploration of the country’s diverse landscapes.


Customs Tax Waiver:
Costa Rica’s commitment to supporting remote work extends to telecommunications and electronic devices essential for work. Digital nomads may be eligible to waive customs taxes on these devices, making it even more attractive for professionals whose work relies on technology.


Quality of Life and Tourism Offer:
Beyond the practical benefits, Costa Rica offers an exceptional quality of life. The country is renowned for its peace, sustainability, and warm hospitality. Long-term visitors can explore a wide range of accommodations, cuisines, and activities while enjoying a slower pace of life and freedom from crowds.


Connectivity and Location:
Costa Rica boasts high connectivity levels, ensuring digital nomads can stay in touch with their companies worldwide. Its favorable geographic location, pleasant climate, and compatible time zones make it an attractive base for remote work. In fact, a study by InsureMyTrip ranks Costa Rica among the top 10 digital nomad destinations globally.


Legal Framework:
To be eligible for Costa Rica’s Digital Nomad Visa, individuals must provide paid services remotely, earning a minimum of $3,000 per month from outside the country. For those wishing to include dependents, the minimum monthly income requirement is $4,000. These amounts are based on the official sale price set by the Central Bank of Costa Rica.


With Across Borders Legal as your guide, navigating the process to obtain Costa Rica’s Digital Nomad Visa becomes a seamless experience. Our experts are here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that you can fully embrace the “pura vida” lifestyle while maintaining a productive remote career. Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or remote worker, Costa Rica welcomes you to its shores for a harmonious blend of work and leisure.


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