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Investing in Costa Rica’s Maritime Zone: A Strategic Overview

Costa Rica's maritime land zone, governed by the principle of sovereignty as defined in international law, encompasses the 200-meter-wide strip along the Atlantic and Pacific coastlines. This area includes islands, islets, and maritime rocks, as well as any land or natural formation protruding from the ocean's surface. Within the maritime land zone, there are two distinct sections: the public zone, a...

Exploring Costa Rica’s Temporary Residency Options

Costa Rica, with its stunning landscapes and welcoming culture, has become a sought-after destination for expatriates. For those considering long-term residency, understanding the country's residency options is crucial. This guide provides a brief overview of the most common residency categories in Costa Rica: Pensionado, Rentista, and Investor visas. Pensionado Visa: Ideal for Retirees The...

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